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In our small cra­ne sca­les glos­sa­ry, we would like to brief­ly and con­cis­e­ly explain the most important terms of weig­hing technology.


Accor­ding to DIN 1319–1: 1995, adjus­t­ment is defi­ned as the set­ting up or the com­pa­ri­son of a mea­su­ring device to eli­mi­na­te sys­te­ma­tic devia­ti­ons to a mini­mum which is accep­ta­ble for the inten­ded applcation.

That means in plain lan­guage the shown value on your cra­ne sca­le dis­play will be adapt­ed to the actu­al refe­rence value. 

Cra­ne sca­les are adjus­ted, if during a cali­bra­ti­on the devia­ti­on bet­ween refe­rence weight and shown weight at dis­play are imper­mis­si­bly high. So adjus­t­ments requi­re chan­ges in the mea­su­ring system. 


Cali­bra­te defi­nes the detec­tion and docu­men­ta­ti­on of the devia­ti­on of a cra­ne sca­le dis­play from the actu­al weight.

When cali­bra­ting the cra­ne sca­le, the link bet­ween the input and out­put varia­bles is deter­mi­ned and docu­men­ted under spe­ci­fied conditions.

The input quan­ti­ty is the actu­al weight and the out­put quan­ti­ty is the electrical
out­put signal that is shown on display.

The dura­ti­on until the next cali­bra­ti­on of the cra­ne sca­le is not exact­ly defined,
but may depend on num­e­rous fac­tors, such as Tem­pe­ra­tu­re fluc­tua­tions, frequency
of use and field of application.

As a rule, we recom­mend our cus­to­mers, who­se sca­les are used in an indus­tri­al envi­ron­ment to reca­li­bra­te once per year. 

CE‑M Appr­oval
CE‑M Appr­oval is a legal­ly regu­la­ted qua­li­ty con­trol. A CE‑M appro­ved cra­ne sca­le is requi­red by law when used to defi­ne pro­duct prices.

For exam­p­le, a CE‑M appro­ved cra­ne sca­le is requi­red if it weighs steel coils who­se sel­ling pri­ce depends on the exact weight.
The CE‑M appr­oval of cra­ne sca­les also includes sepa­ra­te labe­l­ing regu­la­ti­ons. Thus, a cra­ne sca­le is sea­led after the con­for­mit­ty assess­ment was suc­cessful­ly accept­ed by the legal test­ing aut­ho­ri­ty, so that no sub­se­quent mani­pu­la­ti­on of the mea­su­ring device is possible.

All cra­ne sca­les with a load capa­ci­ty of up to three ton­nes must be re-cali­bra­ted every two years. Cra­ne sca­les with a maxi­mum weight load of more than three ton­nes only have to be re-cali­bra­ted every three years. 

Han­ging scale

In some cases, a cra­ne sca­le is also refer­red to as a han­ging sca­le thus stands for the same product.
The term „han­ging sca­le” is due to the use of this type of sca­le, as it is hung up to weigh goods and her­eby weighs hanging.

The term han­ging sca­le is howe­ver only rare­ly used and the more com­mon term „cra­ne sca­le” has prevailed. 

Indus­tri­al scale

Often the term indus­tri­al sca­le is used in dif­fe­rent con­text, which some­ti­mes is very confusing.

If, for exam­p­le, your inter­net search for „indus­tri­al sca­les” shows dif­fe­rent pro­vi­der, pro­ducts or images.

The pro­blem here­wi­th is that this metro­lo­gi­cal term is not cle­ar­ly defi­ned and can be used for almost all sca­les that are used in the industry.

As the indi­vi­du­al indus­tries are very dif­fe­rent, the varie­ty of available indus­tri­al sca­les is also very diverse.

An image search on Goog­le reflects this very cle­ar­ly: Direct­ly on the first page you will find images of a flo­or sca­le, coun­ting sca­le, plat­form sca­le, beam sca­le, fruit sca­le, par­cel sca­le, pal­let sca­le, medi­ci­ne sca­le and of cour­se the cra­ne scale.

This illus­tra­tes how broad the usa­ge of this term is. But it also shows at the same time how important weig­hing in the indus­try has become!

The­re is almost no pro­duct that is not weig­hed at least once during its pro­duct life cycle. If it’s for pack­a­ging, in the valua­ti­on or for ship­ping documents.

Howe­ver, it is the­r­e­fo­re advi­sa­ble to avo­id the term indus­tri­al sca­le or to spe­ci­fy it more pre­cis­e­ly in the appro­pria­te con­text. For exam­p­le: a cra­ne sca­le for indus­tri­al appli­ca­ti­on or indus­tri­al sca­le (cra­ne scale). 

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