EHP Load Cells

A load cell from EHP is com­pact, pre­cise, robust and dura­ble – the per­fect solu­ti­on for your weig­hing task!

Mobi­le sca­le MWS

Mobi­le sca­le for hea­vy duty weighing

Weig­hing ter­mi­nal WT2

Uni­ver­sal eva­lua­ti­on elec­tro­nics for load cells

Com­pres­si­on load cell

Flat, pre­cise and robust load cells

OEM sen­sors

Indi­vi­du­al weig­hing solution

Ten­si­on load cell

Robust, high-pre­cis­i­on load cells – ide­al for ten­si­le load measurements

Weig­hing moduls

Com­pact weig­hing modul for imme­dia­te use

EHP load cells are extre­me­ly com­pact and high­ly pre­cise which makes them incre­di­bly versatile.

Typi­cal fields of appli­ca­ti­on in addi­ti­on to cra­ne sca­les are silo, con­tai­ner, road and vehic­le sca­les as well as in spe­cial machi­ne con­s­truc­tions.
Due to their com­pact design, only litt­le space is requi­red in the weig­hing con­s­truc­tion. At the same time, our load cells offer an incre­di­ble accu­ra­cy and devia­te a maxi­mum of 0.03% from the maxi­mum load.


This means, for exam­p­le, that a 50,000 kg load cell at full load only has a maxi­mum devia­ti­on of 15 kg.

More accu­ra­te than all com­pe­ting pro­ducts!
With a nomi­nal load of up to 100 tons per load cell, all ima­gi­nable weig­hing tasks can be realized.

Regard­less if the force is appli­ed to pres­su­re or ten­si­on. EHP, as ger­man load cell manu­fac­tu­rer, offers dif­fe­rent types of load cells. If requi­red also as a com­ple­te weig­hing sys­tem directly.

We are hap­py to advi­se you per­so­nal­ly on the right choice of your EHP load cell!

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