Weig­hing tech­no­lo­gy, load cells pro­ducts & more

From han­dy and mobi­le solu­ti­ons to 200 tons cra­ne sca­les, EHP has deve­lo­ped solu­ti­ons for a wide ran­ge of requirements.

We would be plea­sed to advi­se you per­so­nal­ly on the cor­rect sel­ec­tion of your EHP weig­hing system.

Cra­ne scales

Cra­ne Sca­le EWO

Inno­va­ti­ve three ran­ge sca­le

Cra­ne Sca­le LDN / LD

Cra­ne sca­le for the indus­tri­al use
(CE‑M approved/calibrated)

Cra­ne Sca­le KGW

Cra­ne sca­le for extre­me foundry appli­ca­ti­ons: shock-resistant and heat-resistant (cali­bra­ted)

Cra­ne Sca­le KGY

Cra­ne sca­le for long-term indus­tri­al use
(CE‑M approved)

Cra­ne Sca­le LKe / LK

Cra­ne sca­le for the robust indus­tri­al use
(CE‑M approved/calibrated)

Weig­hing hook block 

The inte­gra­ted weig­hing solu­ti­on on the cra­ne wit­hout loss of lif­ting height

Mas­ter-Slave scales

Cra­ne sca­les for long mate­ri­al weighing

Spe­cial solutions

Cra­ne sca­le for spe­cial con­di­ti­ons, indi­vi­du­al­ly adapt­ed to your needs

Load Link ZL

For rope ten­si­on and ten­si­le force measurements

Dyna­mo­me­ter CS

For prac­ti­cal and mobi­le use (cali­bra­ted)

Cra­ne scales

Cra­ne Sca­le accessoires

DRC 433

Remo­te con­trol with OLED dis­play and a ran­ge up to 500 m


Ver­ifia­ble trans­mis­si­on of weig­hing data direct­ly to your IT or Profi­net network

Tele­da­ta USB

CE‑M appro­ved pro­ces­sing, sto­rage and prin­ting of weig­hing data


Direct con­nec­tion for weig­hing data to your PC

Tele­box PLC USB

Small remo­te dis­play with num­e­rous inter­faces, also in con­nec­tion with PLC controls

Sca­le Control

Ana­ly­sis and fur­ther pro­ces­sing of your weig­hing data on the PC, indi­vi­du­al­ly tail­o­red to your needs.

Lar­ge sca­le display

Visua­liza­ti­on of weig­hing data on a lar­ge display

Infrared remo­te control

Remo­te con­trol with a ran­ge of up to 30m

Cra­ne Sca­le Accessories

Load Cells

Mobi­le sca­le MWS

Mobi­le sca­le for hea­vy duty weighing

Com­pres­si­on load cell

Flat, pre­cise and robust load cells

Ten­si­on load cell

Robust, high-pre­cis­i­on load cells – ide­al for ten­si­le load measurements

Weig­hing moduls

Com­pact weig­hing modul for imme­dia­te use

Weig­hing ter­mi­nal WT2

Uni­ver­sal eva­lua­ti­on elec­tro­nics for load cells

Load cells

All EHP cra­ne sca­les have a mecha­ni­cal safe­ty fac­tor of 5:1 – this means that our sca­les can car­ry five times their maxi­mum load wit­hout brea­king com­pon­ents sub­jec­ted to ten­si­le stress.

Com­pared to almost all com­pe­ti­tor pro­ducts, our cra­ne sca­les are not only cer­ti­fied for weig­hing due to their high safe­ty stan­dard, but may also be used for trans­port­ing goods. We pro­ve our high qua­li­ty stan­dards with a 3‑year gua­ran­tee on accu­ra­cy and func­tion of the mea­su­ring system!

Depen­ding on the spe­ci­fic pur­po­se, we offer our sys­tems in CE‑M appro­ved or cali­bra­ted version.
CE‑M appro­ved = For cra­ne sca­les in com­mer­cial use, whe­re pro­duct pri­ce is direct­ly lin­ked with its weight (appro­ved by the Cali­bra­ti­on Office of weights and measures).
Cali­bra­ted = Weig­hing values and accu­ra­cy appro­ved by EHP experts. 

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