Repairs & Spa­re Parts

Your cra­ne sca­le repair and spa­re parts inqui­ry will be pro­ces­sed by our ser­vice team as quick­ly as possible.

We have made our repair pro­cess as easy as pos­si­ble for you:

  • You send the cra­ne sca­le to our fac­to­ry in Bühl, Baden-Württemberg
  • We immedia­te­ly check the ent­i­re cra­ne sca­le for wear and ana­ly­ze the worn out components
  • We direct­ly send you a quo­ta­ti­on so you exact­ly know what the cra­ne sca­le repair will cost
  • Our repair team pre­pa­res ever­ything and starts immedia­te­ly your cra­ne sca­le repair after cost approval
  • In most cases, we can com­ple­te your repair in less than three busi­ness days
  • If requi­red, you will recei­ve one of our ren­tal sca­les for the brid­ging time

We keep all com­mon spa­re parts in stock and can deli­ver the urgent­ly nee­ded com­pon­ents to you wit­hin 24 hours. We ensu­re that you recei­ve only high-qua­li­ty ori­gi­nal parts that meet our high qua­li­ty and safe­ty standards.


  • Short reac­tion times: Average repair time of less than three busi­ness days
  • Own spa­re parts wareh­ouse: All com­mon spa­re parts avail­ab­le from stock
  • Eco­no­mi­c­al reno­va­ti­on of old cra­ne sca­les possible

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