Hea­vy load weig­hing
(On-site weig­hing service)

We offer the weig­hing of objects (hea­vy load weig­hing, cent­re of gra­vi­ty deter­mi­na­ti­on) up to a total load ran­ge of 600t.

Due to the extre­me­ly flat design of our load cells, parts such as machi­nes, silos, trans­for­mers, aggre­ga­tes, etc. only need to be lifted minimally.

If requi­red, we will sup­port you on site with one of our ser­vice technicians.

Some examp­les of hea­vy-duty sca­les can be found under „Pro­duct areas”.


  • Mobi­le sys­tem for weig­hing your objects
  • Ever­ything from a sin­gle source: If requi­red, we can hand­le your ent­i­re weig­hing pro­ject for you.
  • Deter­mi­na­ti­on of total weight and cen­ter of gravity

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