The cali­brata­ble Nets­ca­le is one of the most important inter­faces when it comes to inte­gra­ting indus­tri­al data into the cus­to­mer infra­struc­tu­re. The open UDP inter­face can con­trol up to 16 sca­les simultaneously.

The­re are no addi­tio­nal fol­low-up cos­ts for the licen­se of the inter­face. The con­nec­tion to cus­to­mer sys­tems such as SAP, Navi­si­on or Profi­net is tech­ni­cal­ly easy to implement.

The cra­ne sca­les can be con­trol­led with the­se sys­tems. All important func­tions such as TARE and ZERO are available.


  • Ver­ifia­ble UDP net­work inter­face for IT sys­tems or Profi­net applications
  • 2 GB Ali­bi memory
  • Radio ran­ge up to 500 m
  • Manage­ment of up to 16 sca­les on one trans­mis­si­on frequency
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on via 10/100 net­work inter­face via UDP protocol
  • Appro­ved by the Fede­ral Net­work Agen­cy (BNetzA)
  • EMC tes­ted
  • Test soft­ware included


Sui­ta­ble for all product-areas


Sui­ta­ble for all cra­ne sca­les models with radio equipment

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