Sca­le Control

Our Sca­le Con­trol soft­ware can visua­li­ze and pro­cess all your data trans­mit­ted to the PC via a weig­hing data recei­ver (e.g. USB box, Tele­da­ta, Tele­box PLC or Netscale).

The user inter­face can be adapt­ed to your needs. For exam­p­le, order-spe­cific details such as order num­ber, ope­ra­tor, batch num­ber and more can be added.

All rele­vant data is easi­ly rea­da­ble on the user dash­board. The deter­mi­ned weights can be prin­ted or saved in num­e­rous for­mats such as.pdf or.csv.

Sca­le Con­trol is com­pa­ti­ble with all EHP cra­ne sca­les and can be easi­ly retrofit­ted. The soft­ware licen­se is unli­mi­t­ed for each cra­ne scale.

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