Weig­hing hook block

Our weig­hing hook block has the same advan­ta­ges as all EHP cra­ne scales:

  • Hig­hest pre­cis­i­on – with a mini­mum tole­rance of only 0.03% the weig­hing result is always exact
  • Trans­port & Weig­hing – all EHP weig­hing hook blocks are cer­ti­fied and appro­ved accor­ding to EN 13155 also for the trans­port of goods
  • Abso­lut­e­ly safe – due to the safe­ty fac­tor of 5:1, our weig­hing hook blocks can car­ry five times their maxi­mum load wit­hout brea­king ten­si­le components
  • Tech­ni­cal advan­ta­ge – equip­ped as stan­dard with a lar­ge, illu­mi­na­ted dis­play and a remo­te con­trol, wire­less data trans­fer over a distance of 500m to cra­ne sca­le access­ories pos­si­ble, fast dis­play result

Due to the com­pact design, the loss of lif­ting height on the cra­ne is zero when the hoist is ree­ved with 4‑fall ree­ving! For 6, 8 or even 10-fall sys­tems this loss is mini­mal. A real advan­ta­ge on cra­ne sys­tems with limi­t­ed lif­ting height!

It goes wit­hout say­ing that an EHP weig­hing hook block can also be retro­fit­ted to exis­ting wire rope hoists wit­hout any pro­blems. Spe­cial designs or con­ver­si­ons of the hoist are not necessary.

Just cont­act us, we cover all weig­hing ran­ges from 0.5t to seve­ral hundred tons and can of cour­se also rea­li­se other requi­re­ments such as spe­cial hook dimen­si­ons etc. at a reasonable pri­ce for you.

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