Mobi­le sca­le MWS

The mobi­le stamp sca­le MWS final­ly makes weig­hing hea­vy objects on the floor child’s play. While weig­hing lar­ge and hea­vy objects such as ship engi­nes, rotor bla­des or tur­bi­nes was always a com­plex pro­ject in the past, it is now final­ly beco­m­ing simple.

With the mobi­le stamp sca­le MWS ever­ything has been com­bi­ned in one com­pact device: A lar­ge and illu­mi­na­ted front panel faci­li­ta­tes ope­ra­ti­on and the cur­rent weight value can always be read off pre­cise­ly from a safe distance.


The inte­gra­ted rech­ar­ge­ab­le bat­te­ry eli­mi­na­tes the need to lay meter-long power and data cables, which often block important for­klift traf­fic rou­tes etc. during weig­hing in pro­duc­tion halls.

The lar­ge elas­to­mer bea­ring secu­re­ly holds the load to be weig­hed, absorbs shocks and trans­mits the for­ce to the load cell via the inte­gra­ted pen­du­lum support.

The load cell, also manu­fac­tu­red by EHP in Germany, is one of the most reli­able on the mar­ket and has a tole­ran­ce of only 0.03% of the final value. This means that the mea­su­ring error at 50t is a maxi­mum of 15kg!

The oran­ge pro­tec­ti­ve housing is also well thought-out: This not only reli­ab­ly pro­tects the mea­su­ring unit from dama­ge, but also ser­ves as a lift-off pro­tec­tion for the elas­to­mer bea­ring and is equip­ped with prac­ti­cal car­ry­ing reces­ses. Thus the MSW stamp sca­le can be safe­ly trans­por­ted by one person.

Optio­nal­ly, our MWS stamp sca­les can also be equip­ped with radio con­trol. Thus the mea­su­red values can be trans­mit­ted wire­less­ly over a distance of several hund­red meters and the total weight of several sca­les can be dis­play­ed in sum on one of our car­ria­ge data receivers.

Do you not want to do the hea­vy load weig­hing yourself? Our ser­vice team will be plea­sed to relie­ve you and car­ry out the hea­vy load weig­hing and she­ar point deter­mi­na­ti­on (LINK) on your pre­mi­ses. Just con­ta­ct us!


  • 3 years war­ran­ty on accu­ra­cy and func­tion of the load cell 
  • Fast stan­ding adver­ti­se­ment result 
  • No tare limit – tare­ab­le over the ent­i­re weig­hing range
  • Pro­tec­tion class IP 54 
  • Hig­hest mea­su­ring accu­ra­cy of 0.03% of final value 
  • 45mm high LED display
  • Inclu­des remo­te con­trol and charger
  • Optio­nal expan­da­ble radio equip­ment – mea­su­re­ment data can be easi­ly trans­mit­ted over several 100m
  • Optio­nal cali­bra­ti­on cer­ti­fi­ca­te avail­ab­le for MSW models
  • Inclu­ding cali­bra­ti­on cer­ti­fi­ca­te for MSWe models


  • For indus­tri­al app­li­ca­ti­on con­di­ti­ons at tem­pe­ra­tures from – 30 to + 80 °C
  • Inco­m­ing goods -/ out­go­ing goods control
  • Inter­nal weighing
  • Weig­hing befo­re hea­vy load transports

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