The inno­va­ti­ve three-ran­ge sca­le EWO

Our new cra­ne sca­le is cha­rac­te­ri­zed abo­ve all by its han­di­ness, pre­cisi­on and func­tio­n­a­li­ty. Des­pi­te the com­pact dimen­si­ons, the EWO with its approx. 60mm LED dis­play has a signi­fi­cant­ly lar­ger dis­play than other sca­les in this pri­ce seg­ment. This hel­ps to read mea­su­red values reli­ab­ly from a gre­at distance and in low light surroundings.

At the same time, the three-ran­ge sca­le covers several load ran­ges and always deli­vers accu­ra­te rea­dings thanks to its high-pre­cisi­on load cell. Nume­rous func­tions such as TARE, zero­ing and peak hold (maxi­mum value) can be acti­va­ted eit­her direct­ly at the cra­ne sca­le or via the sup­plied remo­te control.

Like all EHP cra­ne sca­les, the EWO also meets our high safe­ty stan­dards and is appro­ved accord­ing to EN 13155 not only for weig­hing but also for trans­por­ting goods. An unbea­t­a­ble advan­ta­ge that many mar­ket com­pe­ti­tors do not offer!

Learn more: EWO-Sca­le

The upgraded CS dynamometer

The CS sca­le is the ide­al solu­ti­on for mobil weig­hing tasks like cra­ne tests. Equip­ped with the DRC433 radio remo­te con­trol with inte­gra­ted OLED dis­play, the weig­hing results can always been read exact­ly and the sca­le can be ope­ra­ted safe­ly even from a gre­at distance of up to approx. 100m. Thanks to the robust car­ry­ing case, the sca­le, remo­te con­trol, char­ger and your docu­men­ta­ti­on are always safe­ly sto­wed away. This makes working with the sca­le very easy and you always have ever­ything at hand.

The new­ly revi­sed Li-Ion bat­te­ry con­cept gua­ran­tees a long run­ti­me and redu­ces char­ging times to a mini­mum. The sca­le can be quick­ly rech­ar­ged during a break and is then rea­dy to use again for up to approx. 40 hours.

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Hea­vy load weig­hing as easy as never befo­re – thanks to the mobi­le MWS scale

Weig­hing hea­vy loads pre­cise­ly was com­pli­ca­ted in the past. Load cells had to be pre­cise­ly ali­gned under the load, the meter-long cab­ling to the eva­lua­ti­on elec­tro­nics obst­ruc­ted hall­way traf­fic and mea­su­ring units were often dama­ged when several tons weight was set down.

With the mobi­le MWS, thanks to the inte­gra­ted Li-Ion bat­te­ry and dis­play, the weig­hing pro­cess is now final­ly much easier and safer!

Learn more: MWS-Sca­le

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