Tele­box PLC USB

The weig­hing data recep­ti­on unit Tele­box SPS has an easy-to-read 7‑segment dis­play. Num­e­rous con­nec­tions such as the seri­al inter­face RS 232 V.24, RS 485 and USB can be used for both PC and PLC applications.

An optio­nal Profi­bus adap­ter enables inte­gra­ti­on into small to medi­um­si­zed PLCs.

The SD card slot allows inde­pen­dent sto­rage of weig­hing data for later pro­ces­sing. The Tele­box­PLC can ope­ra­te two cra­ne sca­les via but­tons A and B on the front panel.


The Tele­box PLC is com­pa­ti­ble with all our cra­ne sca­les and can easi­ly be retrofit­ted to older models.


  • Easy to use, optio­nal with IR remo­te control
  • Manage­ment of two sca­les possible
  • Wire­less trans­mis­si­on up to 500 m
  • Bidi­rec­tion­al radio link
  • Appro­ved by the Fede­ral Net­work Agen­cy (BNetzA)
  • EMC tes­ted
  • USB (VCP) interface
  • RS-232 (v. 24), RS-485 interface
  • 4–20 mA ana­log out­put for PLC applications
  • 5 relay out­puts, con­troll­able via balan­ce configuration
  • SD card slot
  • Net­work con­nec­tion optional
  • Profi­bus con­nec­tion pos­si­ble via sepa­ra­te inverter
  • Com­pa­ti­ble with EHP Soft­ware Sca­le Controller

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