Weig­hing ter­mi­nal WT2

The weig­hing ter­mi­nal WT2 is our flexi­ble eva­lua­ti­on elec­tro­nics, which is main­ly used for retrofit­ting exis­ting sca­les, mobi­le weig­hing sys­tems or retrofit­ting out­da­ted weig­hing technology.

In cali­bra­ted ver­si­on up to 5000 divi­si­ons can be dis­play­ed, in unca­li­bra­ted ver­si­on even up to 10.000 divisions!

The lar­ge LED dis­play is always easy to read, even from gre­at distan­ces. The optio­nal IR remo­te con­trol has a ran­ge of up to 30 m and is easy to ope­ra­te with its lar­ge but­tons, even when wea­ring a glove.

The RS 232 inter­face and the optio­nal radio inter­face are com­pa­ti­ble with all EHP weig­hing data receivers.


  • PTB appro­ved and cali­bra­t­a­ble, up to 5000 divisions
  • prompt ad result
  • 40mm high, easy to read  7 digit seg­ment display
  • Auto­ma­tic switch-off
  • 100% tara range
  • Optio­nal infra­red remo­te control
  • IP 54 protected
  • Indi­vi­du­al power sup­ply, 5V / DC, 12V / DC, 24V / DC, 110–230VAC
  • RS 232 inter­face and optio­nal radio interface


  • Mobi­le weighing
  • Spe­cial con­struc­tion of floor, con­tai­ner and cra­ne scales
  • Retro­fit­ting abso­le­te weig­hing equipment
  • Modi­fi­ca­ti­on of exis­ting scales


The weig­hing ran­ge and the reada­bi­li­ty are indi­vi­du­al­ly adjus­ta­ble accord­ing to your requirements.

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