DRC 433

Our radio remo­te con­trol with high-con­trast OLED dis­play is always used when the cra­ne sca­le dis­play is poor­ly visi­ble. The weig­hing data can be recei­ved up to a distance of 100 m from the crane..

All func­tions of the cra­ne sca­les such as „tare” and „zero” are trans­mit­ted via the inte­gra­ted radio link. Cra­ne sca­les can also be ope­ra­ted wit­hout direct visu­al cont­act. Num­e­rous spe­cial func­tions sup­ple­ment the ran­ge of func­tions of the cra­ne sca­les. The deter­mi­ned weights are stored on an SD card and are available for fur­ther pro­ces­sing on the PC.


The remo­te con­trol is com­pa­ti­ble with all our cra­ne sca­les and can easi­ly be retrofit­ted to older models. It can also be used with most other EHP weig­hing data recei­vers for fur­ther pro­ces­sing of the mea­su­re­ment data.


  • Dis­play of weig­hing data via a lar­ge, high-con­trast O‑LED dis­play (36 x 20 mm) with 2 diffe­rent dis­play modes.
  • All func­tions of the cra­ne sca­le can be con­trol­led via the DRC 433.
  • Addi­ti­on and batch weig­hing func­tion – the last 3 bat­ches are dis­play­ed as well as the pre­vious­ly deter­mi­ned total weight.
  • SD card as data memo­ry with time stamp (data can also be trans­fer­red to PC etc.)
  • USB inter­face for trans­fer­ring weig­hing data
  • Deli­very notes (16-digit, alpha­nu­me­ric) can be added indi­vi­du­al­ly to each weighing.
  • Timer func­tion and date and time display
  • Menu navi­ga­ti­on in Ger­man / English
  • Intui­ti­ve menu navi­ga­ti­on and operation
  • Robust housing with shock protection
  • Powered by 3 stan­dard AA batteries
  • Char­ger included

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